Among the rolling hills, you will discover the Treiso, Barbaresco with its medieval tower and red Neive perfect in its historic center. The journey continues to the valleys and hills of the hazelnut Muscat. Many other small towns in this area are known for their artistic and natural beauty: Neviglie, Mango, headquarters of the Regional Moscato, Castiglione Tinella, Santo Stefano Belbo, the birthplace of Cesare Pavese and Costigliole d'Asti, with its spectacular castle .
A Canelli is reminiscent of the failure of the siege laid by the Gonzaga Canelli in 1613

Itinerary of BAROLO

Through the hills of the Bassa Langa beautiful panoramic roads you travel to the discovery of lands suited to agriculture and the production of high quality wines. It 'breathtaking scenery, changing curve after curve and that wins so much to stay for hours admiring incredible scenery, including magnificent castles and manicured vineyards Roddi with its castle, La Morra with his caretteristico viewpoint, Barolo with castle seat of the Regional and former home of the Marquis Falletti, Monforte d'Alba, the country of the Cathars, Novello, Verduno, Serralunga, Castiglione Falletto with intact fourteenth-century fortresses, Diano d'Alba.
A Cherasco you can enjoy a lively cities, which preserves important examples of Piedmontese Baroque.

Itinerary of ROERO

The itinerary starts from Govone, dominated by its royal castle, the residence of Carlo Felice, to continue toward Magliano Alfieri with a rich and fascinating museum of plaster casts, and then last until Guarene the triumphant his eighteenth-century castle which houses a rich Italian garden. Along the way are worth attention Tanaro Monticello, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva Perno with the castle of Bela Rosin, Monteu Roero and Canale, famous for its arcades, churches and active Enoteca del Roero, home to a prestigious restaurant.
Bra, with its beautiful courtyards, is a place of important cultural and gastronomic events.

Itinerary of DOLCETTO

Starting point Dogliani, the birthplace of Luigi Einaudi, the first president of the Republic.
Along the way we discover this enogastrnomica of Belvedere Langhe, Murazzano, famous for its cheese DOP, Paroldo, the country of the mask, San Benedetto Belbo, fenogliano par excellence, and Bossolasco, characterized by its historic center and the many roses along the streets of the town

Itinerary of ALTA LANGA

Cross the beautiful landscapes of southern Langa, where the hills are higher, the climate is less sweet and vineyards give way to meadows and woods. Landscape designed by conifers, especially by chestnut trees and the nuts.
Capital of hazelnut is Cortemilia, which preserves a Romanesque gem: the Church of the Madonna della Pieve. Also worth seeing Borgomale, with its medieval castellaccio linked to deadly legends, and Prunetto, where recent restoration has restored magic and prestige of the old castle and the medieval Church of the Carmine


From Dogliani, the capital of Dolcetto, you get up in Mondovi, passing through important works of art, including the magnificent sanctuary of Vicoforte (with the largest elliptical dome in the world and a fresco of six thousand square meters) and the wonderful frescoes dedicated to S.Fiorenzo, stored at Bastia Mondovi.
Famous fair of fat ox, tradition and symbol of Carrù